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Your business is unique, your website design should be too …

Boost5 Marketing Group

Marketing Group

Website Design, Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Your business is unique, your website design should be too …


You probably heard of the term but what does it mean. SEO (search engine optimization) is a process of further refining the information on your website and connecting it with search engines. By optimizing the content on your website to more closely match with rules and requirements set upon by search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. you and your brand are more likely to be discovered and found.
It does not matter how informative or well designed your website is, if a search engine does not know about it your chances of being found are very slim. An undiscovered website is like a tree in the forest. It is one of many and no one will know of it’s existence or beauty unless it stands out to be discovered. We help you get discovered.

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the one aspect of increasing your chances of being discovered. However, if your business is new or if you never done much work in promoting your website and brand online, it may take time before search engines start paying enough attention to your website to create a meaningful traffic flow to your website.

To say that you should not focus or invest into SEO would be wrong. But how do you generate the immediate traffic and recognition of your website and your brand? And how you do it in a most effective and least costly way?

Search engines and Google in particular generate traffic in two major ways, free and paid traffic. SEO focuses on free traffic and Google Ads and PPC (pay per click) focus on paid traffic. With PPC advertising, anyone can turn the steady stream of traffic and attention to their website and brand almost instantly. But that fame and recognition comes with the cost. You are not only paying for every click, but you are also competing for that top position with your competition.

Google Ads are auction for traffic to explain it in simple terms. Whoever is willing and continues to pay highest will get the top position. And once you stop paying, your visibility will diminish greatly. Just like the water tap, you can turn your website traffic stream on and off.

Boost5 Marketing Group has extensive experience with all PPC platforms. We know what works, what does not work and most important of all we know how to avoid costly pitfalls and mistakes that are commonly made with PPC campaigns.

By tapping into our experience and knowledge you can leverage the best of PPC and digital marketing at lower overall cost and increased ROI for your business and brand.


While DIY builders offer a lot of basic styling and selections, as your business and brand grows, there may be requirements to add or develop some part of the website that may not exist in the library of the pre-built components offered by DIY website builder.

WordPress is not only free and powerful platform to build your website, but it also comes with an extensive library of third-party plugins built by large community of developers worldwide. So if you dreamt of something for your website, chances are someone has already dreamt about it too and made it available as a plugin for the WordPress platform that is powering your website.

So, even if you build a simple website, you are never limited to the simplicity of your website and can expand and add as much to it as you wish. Your only limitation is your imagination …



We’re here to help you grow your business. Talk to us to see how we can help.


We’ll outline your goals together and create a plan to help you get the most of your website.


We’ll execute on our strategy and continue to refine and evolve to get more ROI from your website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A domain name is your websites address so people can find your site.<br>


In order for people to be able to see your site it must be hosted somewhere. We can provide hosting of your site and regular backups.

Your site will need regular updates and changes to keep it up to date with the latest info, we can manage your site and make the necessary changes as they are needed.

This can vary depending on things like as how many pages the website will have and the features and functionality that is included on the pages.

Our fees are very reasonable and we include all that is needed to get your website up and running. This includes basic SEO, optimizations for speed and content deliverability, all images, plugins etc.

Every package (even the basic one) includes commercial theme (we pay for the theme and offer updates for as long as you remain our client).

We also include full suite of plugins (several of which are upgraded versions we paid for and not the crippled free versions). Those include plugins for editing your content (such as Elementor and Elementor Pro), backups and archiving (All-In One WP migration with Google Drive, FTP and unlimited file extension addons), web forms (full WP Forms suite with all paid options), SEO, security and more.

Notwithstanding our time to configure every plugin, if you were to purchase the entire collection of plugins and other options we include with every package, you should expect to spend upwards of $500.00 or higher. We offer all of this and more free with every new website package.

Yes we do. We have on-staff professional content writers that can write partial or complete content for your website based on your requirements. We can include this service with any package (we offer this service free to our plus and enhanced packages and as an add-on to our basic package).

All our website development, SEO, PPC and all other work we offer (with the exception of website hosting which is done by our service provider IONOS in conjunction with our tech team) is done at our offices in Edmonton, Alberta.

We only use our own staff for all work and never outsource any of our services.

Yes we do. Boost5 Marketing Group strives to make our services affordable to anyone. As such we offer custom payment plans for majority of our products and services with in-house financing and interest rates as low as 0% O.A.C.

Our financing is done in-house so discussing your payment plans and crafting the custom payment plan for your digital marketing project (new website design, SEO, digital marketing etc.) is a breeze.

We on average approve 95% or higher of all financing applications, so your website and digital marketing does not have to break your wallet.