Boost5 Marketing Group provides high-quality and affordable website design, optimization (SEO), paid marketing (Google AdWords PPC), and Social Media Marketing.

We are more than just website design and marketing firm. From telecom and complete IP phone PBX solutions, complete e-commerce integration, on and off-site credit card processing, IoT IInternet of Things), hardware consulting and integration, we provide 360 degree solution for any business that is looking to take an advantage of leading edge technology and all of benefits that a business can draw from such technology.

Business Telephone Systems

Cut your telco costs while getting better quality and more features than your current telephone system currently offers. Boost5 Marketing group has provided with a leading national cloud-based phone system provider that specializes in services for small businesses. Save up to 80% of your existing telephone bill and get all features such as local  phone number, optional toll-free phone number, custom extensions and greetings, music on hold, fax to email, voice mail to email, customizable automated receptionist that transfer calls to members, a top of the line mobile app that extends the reach of your office telephone system to remote and field workforce using their existing cell-phones and more.

Boost5 Hosted PBX and IP Telephony

Credit Card Processing

Boost5 Marketing offers complete e-commerce solutions, on-site and off site credit card processing including website integration (soft card processing) as well as office and remote card processing terminals and more at competitive prices and rates.We have partnered with one of largest and oldest credit card processing merchants in North America to make this possible. Our credit card processing rates are the lowest in the industry and we have the in-house expertise and project managers to integrate full e-commerce solutions into any website (either a brand new website or the existing website that aims to expansion to  full e-commerce capabilities.

Boost5 Merchant Services

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of today is more than just browsing a website, sending an email or placing an online order. Take a look around yourself. The technology of today allows many objects inside your business location or inside home or any other building to interact and exchange information. From security cameras, alarms, thermostats, phones, TV and audio-visual equipment, there are numerous technologies and devices that can be utilized within your business to enhance the experience of your customers as well as make you more efficient and competitive.

Boost5 Marketing is experienced in smart home and smart business automation and we can consult as well as install and configure majority IoT inside your home or office. Technology automation is next big thing and we can be your trusted partner helping you embrace and understand this new and rapidly evolving trend.

Boost5 IoT Automation

Hardware Integration

From office computer systems, printers, laptops to tablets, smart phones, choices are endless. Knowing what one really needs is a delicate balance. Are you investing into an obsolete technology, or perhaps are you spending unnecessary cash on items and technology that you will barely or ever need? That is just to start.

Once you have invested and procured what you deemed adequate for your business needs, knowing how to use all features in an optimal way and capacity is the next obstacle you and your business need to overcome.

Additionally, there are more and more security concerns identified every day that threaten a business with serious consequences, financial losses or losses or confidential information. Boost5 Marketing Group can help business owners identify and mitigate those security risks by implementing efficient and cost effective solutions to prevent and identify any security breaches before any damage to the business and its finances and confidential information were to occur.

Boost5 Hardware Integration

Print Services

Boost5 Marketing group can fulfill any printing job you and your business requires. From business cards to brochures, flyers, presentation folders, booklets, etc. we offer full range of printing services at very competitive prices.

Additionally, if you are looking to get your advertising material into hands of potential consumer and customer, we offer a full range of delivery options through Canada Post (unadressed mail, addressed mail) as well as our exclusive to the door private delivery service (your advertising material will be delivered to the door if you prefer to not have your advertising delivered to community mailboxes, where more and more households collect their mail that is delivered through Canada Post).

Boost5 Print and Mailing Services